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Rules and Regulations



Form: is open to all  styles of Martial Arts(except inner-school tournaments). Winner will be determined by: Power (5 points),  stances (1 point), balance (1 point), kicking ability (1 point),and confidence (1 point).

Breaking:  winner is determined by difficulty , pain, combo of techniques and recovery after execution. Boards size for children (12 yrs and under) 1x12x5" and adult boards 1x12x10.  Boards will be offered for sale at the tournament. There will be no limit on the numbers of the boards. Children ages12 and under will get 3 tries, and ages 13 and up will get only 2 tries. Failure to break your breaks will result a score of 5 which is the lowest score in the competition.

There will be a Sepsrate concrete breaking division( must bring your own concrete) .

Sparring:  This is a point style tournament.  All kicks and punches are 1 point. Referee stops the match after each point. Minimum of 2 judges need to see a point in order for it to be a counted (three to four judges per ring).  All matches are 1 round (at 2 minutes) except Black Belts (18 yrs or older) which will have 2 rounds (at 2 minutes each).  All counter attacks which result in a point within 1/2 second of the attack could be counted as a point.

***no grabbing, no punching to the head, no sweeping allowed. 

***Black Belts are allowed controlled punches to the head. 

Excessive force will be grounds for disqualification for all Belt Levels.

***mandatory equipment for sparring: Head Gear, Chest Gear and Groin cup (male only).  Chest Gear and Head Gear will be provided at the tournament for those who need it.   Hand, shin and foot gear are strongly recommended. 

Sword Sparring:  All matches are  1 round, 2 minutes long or the first person to 7 points.  Target areas are head and body.  Chest Gear and Head Gear will be provided as needed. 


Team Form:    There is no limit on how many competitors are on each team. Competitors must show that they are in unity with each other. Timming is  the most important part of their perfomance. 

Weapons; Competitors must show that they have full control over their weaopns. Score is given for skill and use of the weapon, not the  flips or kicks that a competior executes. There will be only 2 divisisions for Weapons :Children(12 and under) ,  Adult(13 and up)

Musical form/Musical weapon: Competitors must show that their performance matches the timing of their perfomance. There will be 2 divisions: Children(12 and under), and Adult(13 and up).

Age Categories for Form/Breaking/Sparring:  

6and below   







  40 & up

Black belts divisions:

1st, 2nd and 3rd degree black belts.

4th degree black belts and above.



*Tournament director has option of combining the age catagories in case of mismatch, or lack of competitors.




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